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Employee Relations

What is the general state of morale in your organization? What is the tone and overall climate? How about your intra-company communications?

From the tangible to the intangible, your employee relations are multidimensional. TechCXO’s Human Capital professionals believe you can directly affect an organization’s performance, profitability, customer satisfaction and desirability as a workplace with your employee relations efforts.

Employee Relations & Performance

There are innumerable variables to employee relations, but research and our experience consistently point to two items as gauges of the health of employee relations: (1) Commitment to Obligations and (2) Consistency or Incongruity to Stated Values and Principles.

Employees have expectations about what the mission and vision are for their company; how their work fits into the organization’s overall strategic plan; and how their supervisor treats them day to day.

Employees are continuously evaluating if supervisors and leadership remain committed to their obligations around the company’s policies.

Similarly, employees want to make sure that if the company explicitly makes public claims about things like promoting diversity, demonstrating a commitment to respecting differing opinions, or work/life balance, the day-to-day behavior of supervisors matches those claims.

Our Human Capital experts create innovative programs, policies and communications to fix, enhance or elevate your employee relations.

What to Expect from TechCXO


Happy employees are 12% more productive and highly engaged workplaces have a 10% increase in customer ratings
Highly engaged business units where employees feel they are stakeholders of their own future increase profitability an average of 21% according to Gallup
Companies with more engaged workers grew revenue 2.5 times as much as companies with less involved workers over a period of seven years.

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