VC, Growth and Private Equity Support

Expertise and management infrastructure for portfolio companies

/ Finance / Equity Financing

Advise, consult, mentor, supplement or provide interim and fractional leadership

VC and PE Support

Angel investors, venture capitalists and/or private equity companies have money, contacts and expertise.  However, there are ways these companies seek assistance from firms like TechCXO.

Introductions to Qualified Prospective Companies

Companies like TechCXO are a strong source of qualified prospective introductions.  Many of our 2000+ clients that TechCXO has worked with have taken capital during our tenure with them.

Solid Financial Management

If we are engaged by the company, you can feel confident that there is a reasonably developed financial forecast, consistency in financial reporting, a reasonable level of diligence readiness, and a business
person at the company who is experienced in the capital raise process and can help guide the target through the process in an expedited fashion.

We would also proactively identify, avoid and remediate accounting/tax issues and get and keep companies “diligence ready.”

Pre-Investment Due Diligence

We perform a variety of due diligence on potential portfolio companies and acquisitions for finance, operations, sales/pipeline, marketing effectiveness, IT/Tech Stack, and Human Capital.

Post-Investment Value Add

Following an investment, TechCXO provides value added services including post-transaction integration services, opening balance sheet, cash to GAAP conversions, remediation of accounting issues, audit prep, assess/assist financial and management staff, sales and marketing operations, recruiting and executive search.


TechCXO helps companies fill gaps and/or upgrade leadership within VC and PE portfolio companies. Every TechCXO Partner has demonstrated operational success as a C-Suite executive inside multiple organizations.

Our ”been-there-done-that” capability to implement with demonstrated operational expertise quickly distinguishes TechCXO from traditional consulting firms.

Four Ways to Access TechCXO Talent

There are multiple ways to access TechCXO talent based on needs and preferred models.

Advise, Consult & Projects

Traditional Engagement
Executive advisory, consulting or time/cost/deliverable-defined projects.

Interim or Fractional Executive

Ongoing C-Level Resource
Resources available for a set period of time or installed in transitional period. Scale up or back as needed.

Executive and Team Coaching

Coach, Train, Mentor
Support newer executives and leadership or functional teams inside portfolio companies.

Full Outsource

Strategic & Functional
Can support full outsource of functions, e.g. Finance & Accounting, Product, Sales & Marketing, HR. Typically 50-75% less than FTEs.

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