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Post-close Integration

Streamlining Your Business Integration for Maximum Success and Alignment

Impact of Expert Post-close Integration

The DNA and thesis of a deal often dictate some level of integration. How well post-transaction integration occurs is oftentimes the cornerstone of maximizing the deal’s outcomes. This work is often riddled with complexities and growth that the buyer’s team either doesn’t have the time or expertise to tackle. Leverage the TechCXO team to help in solving problems and driving solutions across:

  • Platforms / Technology
  • Processes
  • People
  • Carve Outs

TechCXO Post-Close Integration Services

TechCXO provides post-close services for investors and acquiring companies that want to ensure the value of the deal is maximized after investment. An acquiring company needs confidence that the investment and core change management required will result in the technology, processes, and team to drive growth and stabilization following the deal.

TechCXO provides a flexible offering of post-close services that can be combined to address the specific needs of each deal. This can range anywhere from a quick, high-level assessment of technology, process, or people all the way up to a very detailed carve out of every one of these components.

Platforms / Technology

The technical nuances of integrating technology stacks, eliminating tech debt, transitioning systems and platforms to the cloud, and analyzing are challenging to tackle. The TechCXO team can assist with best-in-class transition planning, investment analysis, and unbiased architectural decisions for the long term. Planning is a crucial element of success – understanding the acquired technology and translating the plan into a “to be” state. Unlocking the value and understanding why the path is charted architecturally and technically oftentimes drives technical team alignment as the organizations begin to integrate.

Leveraging a highly skilled team from TechCXO takes the burden off the seller or buyer’s teams to quickly formulate a plan of action and begin to drive progress post-close.

Understanding the processes a company is leveraging to drive its technology and business begins to unlock the needed components of change. This takes many forms in a deal. Here are the ways the TechCXO team can drive value:

  • Business Process Mapping
  • System Architecture Diagrams
  • Data Flows
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Product Roadmap Mapping

Without understanding the starting point, it is impossible to begin the transformation of the technology, processes, or teams that drive the day-to-day business.

The most critical value of a deal can oftentimes be the human capital acquired in the deal. The TechCXO team can help you analyze the talent and develop a go-forward plan whereby your company can optimize spending across the teams to maximize results. This doesn’t always mean cutting costs – it also means expanding the value that the acquired team can drive.

  • Organizational Design
  • Team Alignment
  • Talent Assessment
  • Identifying Single Points of Failure
  • Identifying areas of risk with attrition/dependencies
  • Scoping missing roles to support growth
  • Scoping redundancies to drive reallocation of value to needed outcomes

Carve Outs

The TechCXO team has decades of expertise in driving outcomes for deals that require a carve-out from a parent company. There are complexities surrounding this type of deal, demanding expertise, skill, and the ability to execute quickly against established transition timelines. Allowing our TechCXO team to partner with your management teams to run point on a carve-out allows the management teams to remain focused on running the business day-to-day. Our team can help in a multitude of ways.

  • Program Management
  • Change Management
  • Workstream Identification, Planning and Management
  • Project management of dependent projects
  • Risk Management
  • Transition Capital Management and oversight

What to Expect


Aligned integration priorities and resourcing for value and action

Visibility to pricing and timing of integration

Clear communication and risk management opportunity

Why choose TechCXO as your Tech Diligence Partner?

TechCXO is an established firm with over 20 years of deep expertise working with early and mid-stage companies. Having completed over 200 technical diligence projects since launching this service in 2018 and working in a fractional CTO/CPO/CIO/CISO capacity with hundreds of additional companies, we have the expertise and understanding of how a successful deal works. This allows us to deliver an excellent report promptly and at a reasonable cost – and then be there ready to help in a fractional leadership capacity whenever needed. Our flexible report is geared towards all audiences, including a high-level investor dashboard and “Key Findings” section all the way down to the very granular technical recommendations that can be implemented by the target company right away.

Finally, we have a robust tech diligence process that we have evolved over the years to ensure a consistent, high-quality, on-time deliverable every time.

Our Team  

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