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All organizations must stay vigilant to current and new threats in the cybersecurity landscape

IT Governance

IT Governance is a critical function of managing and addressing the overriding technical, strategic, and procedural processes in today’s complex data driven world.

Successful Governance is overseen by the appropriate C-suite professional such as a Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) with increasing cross-functional responsibilities from a Chief Information Security Officer (CiSO). Without these critical roles filled in an organization, financial and infrastructure stability risks greatly increase. TechCXO IT Governance management services provide leadership and remediation capabilities to manage the multitude of risks facing today’s organizations.

Implementing strong security policies and procedures to include detection, prevention and response can provide defense of digital information and IT assets against internal and external threats. All organizations must stay vigilant to current and new threats in the cybersecurity landscape. Cross industry expertise and expansive vendor relationships at TechCXO empowers our clients with the needed tools and capabilities to minimize corporate risk.

Through executive oversight and reporting, providing professional leadership and employing the most sophisticated reporting and threat detection analysis, TechCXO delivers affordable integrated Fractional and CiSO-as-a-service capabilities for most businesses across all industries.

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