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Build a Revenue Growth Team

With rapidly changing business models and dynamics, companies are keenly aware that expert marketing and sales skills must be represented on their team.

However, the complexity involved in sales and marketing can be overwhelming. By some counts there are more than 130 sales and marketing statistics that can be broken into 20+ categories. These range from inside sales, sales calls and sales prospecting statistics to inbound leads, lead qualification and lead nurturing numbers.

up to 90% of the buyers journey is complete before speaking with a sales rep
Number of decision makers involved in the average B2B buying process

Fundamental Marketing Functions

Marketing and Sales have to perform some fundamental functions to generate revenue.  They include:

  • Business Model and Markets – A sound business model should present a new or better way than existing options. It should also create new demand, a new customer experience and new value.

  • Go-to-Market Planning – Ensure that your product or service is well positioned for market entry and growth. Start with a clear understanding of what your business does and why.

  • Product-Market Fit – Knowing how to make product-market fit happen begins with understanding the interplay between you company, customers and your product.

  • Sales & Distribution Strategy – Your sales strategy not only defines how an offer is better than those of competitors, it guides the sales team with policies, procedures and plans.

  • Target Marketing – Target markets are the people to whom you direct your marketing’s messages, creative energy and media buying dollars. Learn how to find prospects who most want, are most able, and are most likely ready to buy.

  • Brand Building – Companies that cultivate meaningful connections with customers grow revenue and profits faster

  • Content Marketing – Content marketing can offer three times the leads of traditional marketing

  • Demand Marketing – Attract potential customers with systematic and predictable process that ultimately turns them in buyers

  • MarTech – Platform that automates data collection while discovering new ways to reach and engage target customers

  • Digital Marketing – Effective digital marketing can make new customer acquisition reliable and predictable

  • Product Marketing Management – Build from initial concept to full commercialization. The best products cater to the needs of the customer.
  • PR, Analyst & Media Relations – Leadership in Business Media and with influencers bridges credibility gaps

Fundamental Sales Functions

The following are fundamental sales functions needed to generate revenue:

  • Account-Based Sales – Account based marketing employs targeted, personalized campaigns to win over identified accounts.

  • Pipeline Forecast & Management – Accurate reporting facilitates better incentives and enhanced product effectiveness

  • Sales Process Design – The faster salespeople master a sales process design, the faster they can exceed objectives and earn commissions.

  • Sales Playbook – How to successfully sell a solution to a specific set of customers during a defined period of time

Startup and Early-Stage Revenue Growth Teams

Startups and early-stage companies will do with fewer resources at first and build their team.  That initial configuration may be a marketing generalist, digital/design person and and the manager or founder dedicating some of her time.

The loaded salaries of the two resources (not including the founder’s time) may be on the order of $200,000

Conversely, outsourcing marketing functions using a fractional CMO with project-based resources can be as little as 25-50% of a full-time resources.


Mid-Size Revenue Growth Team

A mid-level marketing team may include a CMO, VPs of Content, PR/Social media and a Product or Inbound Demand professional. 

Costs for loaded salaries and functions can begin to reach into the seven figures, not including creative agencies and other consultants. An outsourced model would include senior enterprise-level executives and a variety of professionals and teams from different disciplines. 


The flexibility of outsourced services allow for services such as SEO, Product & Digital Marketing, Demand Marketing and Brand Building to dial up or dial back as needed.

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