Zverse 3D printing gives businesses the ability to offer professional 3D modeling & high-quality 3D print services.


• Stagnating, fragmented, opportunistic sales.

• Inward-facing product-centric messaging that did not communicate customer business objectives and outcomes.


Engaged TechCXO to serve as CSO. Assessed current operations and introduced an outstanding set of best-practices that shored up strategy, marketing and sales processes.

Developed a strategic planning approach, marketing messaging, and processes that resulted in immediate alignment, energy, clarity, and direction for our entire organization.


New go-to-market messaging, methodology and sales processes. Strong, healthy pipeline of closable opportunities and an aligned team.

“TechCXO transformed our sales team strategy and mindset. TechCXO’s pipeline methodology took us from zero confidence/visibility to a growing portfolio of well-qualified, closable opportunities.”

John CarringtonCEO