The Trillion Dollar Silent Saboteur

Strategic Alignment

Misalignment is the Silent Saboteur, costing U.S. companies over $1 Trillion annually in lost growth and profit. Research shows that well-aligned companies grow 58% faster and are 72% more profitable.

What is Strategic Alignment?

Strategically aligned organizations clearly articulate their mission, vision, and goals, which leadership reinforces and carries to the frontline. Other alignment factors include well-documented change management processes, strong KPIs and metrics, culture-reaffirming compensation structures, low turnover, and the systemic reinforcement and recognition of KPBs (Key Performance Behaviors).

Our Strategy Alignment Partners are not just consultants. They’ve been in the trenches, serving as CEOs, COOs, and senior executives who have experienced the struggles, challenges, and opportunities of building an aligned organization firsthand. Keep reading or jump in by taking a quick, 9-minute assessment on the state of your company.


Highly aligned organizations grow revenues 58% faster
Highly aligned organizations are 72% more profitable than competitors
Misalignment costs businesses over $1T annually in lost revenue, profitability and equity value

The Cost of Strategic Misalignment

Strategic Misalignment costs businesses over $1 Trillion in growth, profitability, and equity value. One-third of decision-makers cite a need for alignment as a major obstacle to change that damages customer relationships. TechCXO’s Executive Operations Partners have successfully led organizations from alignment resistance to full organizational adoption. They have identified these nine focus areas for Strategic Alignment.

9 Focus Areas for Strategic Alignment

Mission, Vision, and Goals

Define a clear Vision, Mission, and achievable Goals. Test the Vision or Mission is “shared” among key influencers and stakeholders.


Leadership Responsibility

Top leadership must reinforce Vision and Mission instead of relying on others to deliver messages to the organization. Wise leaders frequently carry the message themselves to the frontline.

Change Management

Execute change using well-documented and successful “Change Management” processes. After the initial interest and excitement of any change, the reality of the change sets in, and leaders need to pull their teams through that low point.

Leadership Turnover

Too much turnover in leadership reduces alignment. Consider the impact before making a change. 



Review and design compensation packages to drive alignment, particularly for Sales, Customer Service, Mid-Level Leaders, and Executives. Beware of “cliffs” in incentive pay.

Hiring & Promotion Practices

When hiring or promoting, consider the person and the impact of ego and hubris to prevent upsetting alignment. The goal is to encourage independent thinking through strategic alignment.

Effective Communications

Use the Rule of Eight. Effective communication requires it to be delivered eight times, in different ways, before it is understood and acted upon.


Process Improvement

Systematically work through process improvement and eliminate the inefficiencies and bottlenecks. KPIs and KPBs (Key Performance Behaviors) are essential tools. “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

Reinforcing Behaviors

Accentuate the use of public recognition and intangible rewards. These powerful tools can reinforce behaviors that align with the company’s goals, demonstrating a commitment and investment toward alignment.

What to Expect from your TechCXO Team

Your Strategic Alignment Partners

James Calver
James CalverPartner - Executive Operations; Interim and Fractional CEO, COO, CCO
Jan Heybroek
Jan HeybroekPartner - Executive Operations; Interim and Fractional CEO, COO, CRO
Paul Rhoda
Paul RhodaPartner - Revenue Growth; Interim and Fractional CRO, CSO

Strategic Alignment

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