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How does outsourcing with TechCXO reduce costs 70% and more? Talent. Overhead. Time. Flexibility.


Along with access to exceptional strategic and operational expertise, when you engage TechCXO, you can expect typical costs to be 50-75% less than hiring full-time employees.

Talent remains most businesses’ largest cost. Whether you are comparing the cost of a full-loaded C-level executive salary (including compensation, benefits, bonus, equity) or the cost to build out fully functional departments like Finance, Sales & Marketing or IT/Product Development, TechCXO offers companies of all sizes serious cost benefits.

You can be sure that engaging TechCXO for a project, advisory /consulting help, coaching/mentoring support, training, or as an interim or fractional executive role, you are making a smart economic decision and sidestepping all of the costs associated with recruiting, onboarding, support and more.


TechCXO partners don’t have big offices and plush conference rooms. The firm doesn’t have luxury boxes at arenas or tickets to sporting events and concerts. We operate like a well-run startup: lean.

Internally, we are an extraordinarily flat organization. Committees are run by peers, and because we’re seasoned strategic and operating executives, we don’t need layers of management or support.

Overwhelmingly, we work on site with you. Or, if you prefer, we handle things via video conferences and calls.  You don’t pay for perks… because there aren’t any!


There is no learning curve when you work with an on-demand executive from TechCXO.  Our partners are “athletic” because they move easily from the conceptual and strategic to nuts-and-bolts implementation. Often, our partners will implement strategies and programs themselves or with a very small and efficient team.

We operate like entrepreneurs: fast and lean.

Also, if you don’t have demonstrated expertise and success inside multiple organizations as a C-level executive, you don’t become a TechCXO partner. This is an important distinction between us and more traditional consulting firms which may often hire and train young MBAs with little or no operating or leadership experience.

There are no “show ponies” at TechCXO, either… senior people who pitch business and then rely on 20-somethings to deliver. This is also why your time to value is extraordinary — because you experience acceleration (our tagline) of solid deliverables and tangible results.  It’s why we’ve helped more than 2,000 clients scale and succeed.


TechCXO was founded on the premise that high potential companies can greatly benefit from proven part-time and interim executives who they otherwise may not be able to access due to cost, availability or because they don’t necessarily need them full time. TechCXO’s purpose is to provide clients with the best executive talent available…on-demand.

Finally, the flexibility to leverage multiple people as needed is huge. Let’s say you want a CFO for some strategic questions but you really need more controller-level support, we’ve got you covered. Maybe you need an interim head of sales while you find your next sales leader, we have you covered.

By only buying the services you need in the model that makes sense (project, interim, advisory, part-time), you are free to invest where you need it most.



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