Ideas United


Ideas United leverages a global network of creative talent to create branded video content and original video content for some of the world’s largest companies. They wanted to expand into new verticals and raise a first round of outside capital. After a decade of stable growth, Ideas United had its ah ha moment. Growth began accelerating at a pace never experienced creating new challenges and opportunities in the area of finance, accounting and strategy. Ideas United needed expert financial and strategic guidance without the extensive cost of a full time CFO and associated team.


As a fully outsourced finance/accounting department, TechCXO implemented its best practice process, systems and methodologies to support Ideas United’s multi-year growth at a fraction of the cost of full time employees.

TechCXO led all internal finance/accounting activities in addition to strategic capital planning and capital raising.


$15M Series A equity round raised in 2019 from Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors

“…the team at TechCXO were instrumental to our success during the most important years of our business. We leveraged their experience, intellect and connections to expertly navigate growth into new verticals and to raise our first round of outside capital.”

David Roemer, CEO & Co-Founder

Ideas United