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The Critical Role of Product-Market Fit in Growth Optimization

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Software companies continually strive to achieve sustainable and scalable growth that drives revenue, expands their user base, and solidifies their position in the market. At the same time, software [...]

The Strategic Imperative: Why CFOs Should Care about Revenue Operations

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In my 35-year career in a variety of revenue-generating roles, I have rarely found 2 corporate functions with less mutual understanding than sales and finance.  Much has been made [...]

Harness the Momentum of Revenue Operations: Unify Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success

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Navigating the dynamic business terrain of today, organizations grapple with the immense pressure to drive revenue growth. Fostering revenue growth is now a team effort rather than the sole [...]

Navigating the Complexities of Mergers & Acquisitions with Fractional Executives

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Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are complex transactions that involve the combining of two companies. While increasing market share is often cited as a primary reason for M&A activities, these [...]

Building Brand is Paramount for a Sustainable Marketplace

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Building a marketplace brand is no easy feat. Marketplace executives may be tempted to consider whether they or their sellers “own” the relationship with the customer. In truth, neither [...]

Uber Is Not in the Transportation Business: Lessons for Marketplace Leaders

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Uber is Not a Transportation Company: Lessons for Marketplace Leaders Uber is a technology platform that powers “movement from point A to point B.” Even though it was founded [...]

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