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In its new location, a commercial lighting company wants to continue its double-digit, year-over-year growth for the next three years. The company will remap their newly relocated, 100,000 square foot factory within the state of New York. LEAN manufacturing initiatives will the support this growth objective, as well as some additional vertical operations capabilities.

The company needs a local expert in manufacturing experience to support the start-up of the new factory in the areas of staffing, processes, procedures, capacity planning and quality systems.


  • Ambitious growth targets
  • Remapping a newly relocated, 100,000 sq. ft. factory in New York state
  • Focus on Industry 4.0 initiatives and recently completed shop floor visual manufacturing metrics
  • Expertise needed in staffing, processes, procedures, capacity planning, and quality systems
  • During the operations relocation and consolidation, on-time delivery (OTD) dropped significantly.


  • Claus Kinder acted as a fractional Director of Operations, bringing his experience in architectural LED lighting manufacturing in these needed areas
  • Claus completed actual production time analysis to provide a baseline for production planning.
  • Created a 3-year operations organization road map to support the business’ accelerated growth plans
  • Examined expected product assembly times and developed more realistic times used in the capacity planning.
  • An overall quality system template was established, and Claus assisted in recruiting an experienced quality manager.
  • Supported analysis of the shop floor data reporting and visual implementation.
  • Provided the layout for the new internal Powder Coating line Coordinated with the TechCXO Human Capital group which successfully recruited a new permanent Director of Operations.


Based on input plus other supply chain improvements, the On Time Delivery (OTD) resumed to its previous levels of 95%.

The company was able to transition more rapidly in establishing a functional operations team. TechCXO provided visibility into a capacity planning model that was deficient and needed to be overhauled, which supported returning to pre-move on-time delivery KPI levels.

Lastly, TechCXO supported the executive team in transitioning underperforming employees, which is critical in “getting the right people on the bus.”

“Small businesses can figure it out on their own, or they can work with someone like Claus at TechCXO who has done it in other organizations or in their career, and be able to do it right the first time.”

For more information, contact TechCXO Partner Claus Kinder.

Claus Kinder
Claus KinderPrincipal