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Claus Kinder


With 30+ years of experience in engineering, operations management, and the C-Suite, Claus Kinder transforms manufacturing companies into world-class organizations through his work as a fractional COO and CEO with TechCXO.

Often dubbed “an agent of change”, Claus is naturally driven by his curiosity and love of learning which enables him to have a constant pulse on industry innovations and advancements. Combining this drive to discover with his experience is what allows Claus to identify critical factors for driving organizations towards profitable growth in sustainable ways.

While Claus has a wide range of strategies revolving around operations excellence, he is also a passionate advocate for Industry 4.0, which is the adoption of smart automation and interconnectivity.  Additional areas of expertise include M&A, CapEx factory expansions and consolidations with a focus on ROI, new product development, and ERP implementation. Claus has seen success working with companies in a wide range of industries including architectural lighting, food equipment, pharmaceutical production and research equipment.

Recently, Claus led a client to the next stage of growth from $15M to $25M. He created a business strategy to identify 3-year revenue growth opportunities and the supporting organizational structure to execute that strategy.  During the investigation phase, Claus uncovered 8% of underutilized direct labor capacity and a lean opportunity to combine multiple work cells into one reducing labor by 30% and cycle time by 80%.

Claus was presented with the Outstanding Volunteer Mentor award for the 2021-2022 academic year by the SUNY New Paltz School of Business for his work helping to advance local businesses and entrepreneurship students. In one case working with an artisanal baker, Claus changed a manual into a semi-automated operation which lowered labor by 60%. Other engagements include due diligence of promising start-ups as part of the Westchester Angels cohort of strategic investors.

Claus is also dedicated to a sustainable environment through his membership in 1% For The Planet, an environmental nonprofit organization.

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