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Fractional CIO & IT Services

Seasoned IT professionals and executives who provide advisory services, strategic guidance, and leadership on information technology (IT) matters to organizations that may not need a full-time executive. We assess and improve a business’s technology platform to align it with its current and future needs.

What are TechCXO IT Services?

TechCXO IT executives focus on internal corporate IT management and typically work with early-stage to mature companies with 5-500 employees. We offer services to assess the health of a company’s IT platform, focusing on IT systems, people, processes, and policies. Additionally, we provide ongoing fractional executive IT leadership, management of IT departments and teams, coaching of existing IT staff, and implementation of IT projects.

IT Leadership

TechCXO fractional CIOs can provide your organization with strategic, experienced, and grounded technology insight. They can actively manage and direct your IT teams, whether internal or third-party and mentor your IT staff, ensuring alignment with your business goals and effective leveraging of technology to drive growth and innovation.

TechCXO fractional CIOs can assist companies in evaluating their current IT strategy, cost metrics, and processes, and comparing them with the company’s current business strategy. Since these are frequently out of alignment, TechCXO’s fractional CIOs can help companies understand the gap between the two and put into place a strategy to bring them into alignment.

TechCXO fractional CIOs can assist companies in the design and execution of specific IT projects. Our executives can help rationalize the cost parameters of an IT project, define its scope, and manage the delivery of the project to completion. Recent project examples include cloud migrations, data center build-outs, ERP migrations or implementations, and compliance framework implementations.

What to Expect


Clear IT Direction

Developing a comprehensive IT Strategy allows the business leadership and the IT Team to clearly understand their IT mission and to have visibility into what will be required to achieve it.

Alignment of IT with the Business

The business will be able to understand how specific IT initiatives are intended to support specific business goals and expectations.

Effective Execution of the IT Strategy

A TechCXO IT leader can work with the business to deliver the goals of the IT Strategy and technology roadmap that was developed.

Effective Project Delivery

Projects delivered within expected timeframes and budgets, and achieving their anticipated goals.

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