todd-merrillTechCXO’s Todd Merrill has been recognized as one of the Top 25 Tech Leaders in Consulting for 2022. Todd is an experienced software executive who typically assists his clients as a fractional or interim CTO and CiSO.

He has served in a series of companies as a C-Level executive focused on leveraging the Cloud to bring SaaS offerings to market.  As an entrepreneur, turn-around expert, technology and product leader and mentor, Todd has held full corporate P&L and product development responsibilities and directed diverse international teams of Engineering Managers, Mobile Architects, Developers, Dev Ops, QA, and Customer Success professionals.

He was honored alongside other tech leaders from organizations like McKinsey, PwC, and Wipro. According to The Consulting Report, which compiled the list, the “… executives selected for this year’s awards represent some of the most experienced, trusted, and knowledgeable leaders when it comes to technology design, strategy, and implementation. We evaluated each nominee based on a series of factors, carefully weighing their demonstrated expertise, professional milestones, tenure in the industry, and capabilities in technological innovation.”

Todd serves as the Interim Chief Technology Officer at the autonomous drafting solutions company AirWorks. Todd also served as an Innovation Mentor at Chick-fil-A’s Georgia Tech Rev Center. There, he led teams delivering machine learning, computer vision, NLP, and modern web apps based on AWS and GCP. Previously, as CTO at HireIQ, he established Agile software development and moved from a Co-Lo private cloud to AWS for a global, high-availability SaaS offering. He also founded and was CEO of Global Crypto Systems, where he was an early adopter of AWS and secured patents on steganographic distribution of PKI credentials. Merrill holds fundamental patents on the first cable modem and has had software deployed on a satellite launched from the Space Shuttle. Earlier in his career, Merrill held critical engineering and security architecture positions with organizations including Air Defense, Scientific Atlanta, BellSouth, and Ciena. He received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering as well as both of his Master of Engineering Degrees from the University of Florida.

Recently, TechCXO’s Kevin Carlson was similarly honored as a Top 50 Information Security Professional.