Ongoing Fractional IT Services

Ongoing Fractional

Access proven technology talent for a fraction of FTE costs

After the close, TechCXO is an excellent resource to help the new acquisition/investment get off on the right foot. It is common for there to be multiple issues identified during tech diligence that require remediation – some urgently. It is also likely that the team in place may not have the expertise or the bandwidth to tackle these issues.

This is where TechCXO can help in an ongoing manner. Since TechCXO is a fractional C-level consulting firm, not only do we have very experienced C-level leaders to perform the Tech Diligence, but those very same expert resources can be engaged in a fractional leadership capacity to help address the issues they identified – everything from product direction to architecture/performance, to security. This can be done consultatively, helping to coach and equip existing leaders to affect the needed changes, all the way up to taking on the role directly to address the identified issues and get the company to where it needs to be.

A significant benefit to this approach is that the company can leverage the extensive experience of TechCXO resources to get things into shape quickly so the existing team can keep it going. This temporary infusion of senior resources allows the company to help grow the capabilities of its existing product and technology leadership team and extend their longevity by helping them to grow with the business.

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