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Buy-Side Tech Diligence

Expert, thorough, and practical Technical Diligence covering Product, Architecture, Deployment, IT, Process, Team, and Security – Delivered quickly and at a reasonable cost

What is Buy-Side Tech Diligence?

Buy-Side Tech Diligence is a critical aspect of any business transaction involving technology, such as acquisitions, investments, or partnerships. It is an in-depth assessment of the target company’s technology strategy, assets, systems, security, and processes to identify potential risks, weaknesses, and opportunities.

TechCXO Tech Diligence Service Packages

TechCXO provides Tech Diligence services for investors and acquiring companies that want to be sure they have clear visibility into any technology and/or security risks. An acquiring company needs confidence that the technology they are investing in has a robust feature set, is secure and scalable, and will not require significant short-term investment to address critical scaling or security shortcomings. Depending on the technology in question, multiple Tech Diligence components may or may not be needed based on the type of company, specific concerns previously identified in the diligence process, and the size of the deal.

TechCXO offers a flexible “menu” of Tech Diligence components that can be combined to address the specific needs of each deal. This can range anywhere from a quick, high-level assessment of just one or two of these components all the way up to a very detailed assessment of every one of these components.


Is the product complete? Is the roadmap clear, and are the product development processes sound? Does the go-to-market strategy make sense?

Is there a solid IT infrastructure and processes in place? Is the company using standard systems and services that will scale with the business?

Are the company’s security policies and procedures sound?  We perform a CIS IG1 or IG2 security assessment to provide a very clear picture of the security stance of the business.

Architecture & Hosting

Using the Architectural and Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM), we assess the architecture and code quality across multiple industry-standard factors and also assess the production hosting environment.  

Is there a well-defined Product development process in use that consistently produces well-designed, high-quality software that meets the business needs? Is the team, and leader in particular, effective and ready for scale?

What to Expect


Critical Risks Identified Pre-close

On the sell-side, identify and get a plan in place for all the key product & technology risks in the business. On the buy-side, de-risk the deal by surfacing deal-impacting product & technology risks before the close.

Technology Roadmap Foundation Created

The findings and recommendations from the product & technology assessments performed become the foundation of a solid technology roadmap.

Smoother Post-close Integration & Execution

The assessment results coupled with fractional technology leadership allow for a seamless transition from assessment to remediation.

Download a Sample Report

Click on the image to the right to see an abbreviated sample of our Tech Due Diligence Report. Provide your contact info through the link below, and we will send you an anonymized version of our full, expertly-crafted report. This will showcase the detailed, clear, and critical insights we offer stakeholders.


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