Security Assessments

Detailed assessment of the overall security posture of the company.

The Importance of a Security Assessment

Security has become an increasingly critical focus in Tech Diligence in recent years. While security has always been a factor of tech diligence, it was typically only viewed as necessary for companies handling critical health or financial information – something where a breach would have serious reputational ramifications. Today, however, a solid security program is considered table stakes for any company looking to grow, sell to bigger customers, be acquired, or take on investment. Investors, investment bankers, and insurance carriers are now security-conscious and want to be sure a company has a good story to tell before they are willing to work with them.

To that end, TechCXO offers varying levels of security assessments to meet the needs of any situation. Everything from a high-level, interview-based “quick assessment” all the way up to a full HIPAA readiness assessment.

We typically recommend starting with an IG1 audit created by the Center for Internet Security (CIS), which includes safeguards that represent basic security hygiene. There are 18 Controls in CIS, each containing multiple safeguards that call for implementation based on a specific “implementation group” (IG), which requires increased security process implementation when moving to higher-level implementation groups.

TechCXO is an industry leader delivering Technical Due Diligence projects for companies and investors. The following pages describe the program services in more detail:

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