Wake up warrior Case Study

Wake Up Warrior


-Establishing a sound software foundation and growing into a strong software platform

-The coaching platform was unable to pivot into an enterprise-shaped program.

-There was a disconnect between the developers and the business, with loosely defined processes.


The primary reason we engaged with TechCXO was a shift in mindset that not all development and talent needed to be in-house, which allowed Wake Up Warrior to leverage fractional CTO executives. Wake Up Warrior was then able to leverage senior talent to create a strong go-forward plan, assist in hiring a team and build an architecture review board. We were dabbling in software but focused on coaching. Engaging with TechCXO allowed us to grow into the right structure in a part-time capacity while having the full bench of TechCXO knowledge at our fingertips when situations arose. We are now well on our way to being a full enterprise offering as a software platform.


-Established the groundwork to drive forward a primary operation around software as a true platform.

-Established a plan to cover the gaps in our processes and lay out a long-term roadmap to becoming a software company.

-Built out an architecture review board and process to ensure accountability.


There was a shift in the user base feedback lowering tickets, inspiring more ideas, and requesting consolidation of applications to one enterprise platform. Wake Up Warrior now has a stronger relationship between the IT teams and the business side. Product deployments are consistent and reliable, and we have a defined roadmap for a very bright future.

“Warrior Con 4 software went well. We deployed the stack and chat app and had everyone integrated with 800 participating. All deployments went perfect, you have done amazing work! I appreciate the work that you put in to get the app to deploy on time. We have a lot of big stuff to do in 2023. I honor you and appreciate you deeply for all the work you’re doing.”

-Garrett J. White; CEO, Wake Up Warrior

For more information, contact TechCXO Partner Bryan Dennstedt.

Bryan Dennstedt
Bryan DennstedtPartner - Product & Technology