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Protection and incident prevention is critical across all levels of an organization

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What is a CISO?

Information Security (IS) protection and incident prevention is critical across all levels of an organization. IS must be championed and communicated throughout the entire organization. That job falls to a Chief Information Security Officer or CISO.

CISO as a Service

CISO as a Service, sometimes called vCISO (virtual Chief Information Security Officer), is an alternative security program leadership strategy that leverages a flexible resourcing model to achieve your program goals.

Most organizations find it difficult to justify the investment of a CISO but their business requires a high level of security to maintain operations.  The use of a fractional, CISO-As-A-Service model that is affordable and integrated into your operations.

Executive Oversight and Reporting

CISO expertise is in high demand and expensive.  TechCXO delivers expert security professionals who report to the board and/or executive leadership team on a monthly basis.

Professional Engineering Support

Assigned engineer to review security logs, consolidate incident reports and identify threats before they jeopardize your organization.  The engineer provides the detail of the month executive reports.

Sophisticated Reporting and Threat Detection Software

TechCXO employs the best predictive analysis tools to consolidate and review systems and security logs to identify issues and respond to security threats.

Dashboards and reports are generated to give the engineers and the CISO a comprehensive view into your network to ensure compliance and governance of your valuable information.

Benefits of CISO Services

A common misconception is that your data is not desirable so it is not important to hackers.  But all data is valuable to someone, especially the owners.

Cyber criminals use automated tools to identify weak networks.  Systems are then analyzed to determine value of target and data is either sold or ransomed.

  • Reduce your IT security budgets, insurance premiums and mitigate potential litigation and customer defection
  • Detect and fix vulnerabilities, including: Broken authentication and session management, Buffer overflows, Data exposure, Injection vulnerabilities and Security misconfiguration
  • Guard exploits such as Back doors, Botnets, DoS/DDoS, Malware and Ransomware
  • Thwart actors and tactics such as Cyber terrorism, Data exfiltration, Insider threat, Organized crime, Social engineering, and Proliferation of IoT.

Interim CISO

An Interim Chief Information Security Officer or CISO is the temporary appointment of a CISO at an organization for a period of transition. Often organizations need an Interim CISO during a period of crisis, transition or growth stage.

Fractional CISO

A fractional CISO is an outsourced information security practitioner who provides expertise and guidance, as well as strategic and operational leadership, to an organization on an ongoing basis, usually part-time and remotely. The fractional CISO performs many or all the functions of a full-time CISO on a fractional basis for reasonable rates while receiving expert leadership.

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