IT Health Assessment

Detailed assessment of the IT Infrastructure and practices of the company.

What is an IT Health Assessment?

Almost all companies today rely on technology to deliver the products or services they bring to the market. And very commonly, IT is an area of the business poorly understood by leadership. Whether a company has an existing internal IT team or uses a third-party IT consulting company or MSP, it can be useful to have a neutral third party review a company’s IT platform and processes to see if they are in alignment with current best practices, are secure, and perhaps most importantly, are they in alignment with supporting the business.

A TechCXO IT Assessment helps those companies get an objective picture of where things stand from an IT perspective – where IT is doing well and where changes would be recommended. To do that, we evaluate an organization across the following areas:

  1. Technology Systems: we evaluate the existing internal systems and technical infrastructure across several metrics, including age, internal adoption, and redundancy. Examples include the age of workstations and percent coverage by support agreements.
  2. Security: we evaluate the existing systems and the services in place to understand how secure these systems are and if best practices are being followed. Examples include evaluating endpoint security, email security, and cloud application security.
  3. IT Processes: we evaluate if standard IT processes are followed and if they are performing well. Examples include systems documentation and service desk or helpdesk performance.
  4. IT Team: are the leaders and key team members capable of performing the duties required? Can they communicate effectively with the company leadership and align the technology platform to support the business’ goals? If the company uses a 3rd party consulting company – are they being properly managed, and is the company able to ensure that they are doing their jobs properly?

With the deliverable from an IT assessment, the stakeholders will have a clear understanding of what is working, what is not, and most importantly, what specifically needs to be done to remediate any of the issues identified.

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