CFO Services Case Study

Scanco Software

“…TechCXO turned out to be one of the most important decisions we made in maximizing the value of our company for the sales process…”


Scanco Software has been a successful, independent ERP and supply chain leader at the forefront of developing mobile warehouse and manufacturing automation solutions for over 28 years. Then, investors came calling.


Scanco Software has been an independent, ERP and supply chain software leader for nearly three decades. Their success drew the attention of potential suitors, but they lacked the finance and accounting infrastructure to present their best, most valuable case and called on TechCXO for help.


Scanco Software offers customers warehouse automation, labor and materials tracking, and mobile sales solutions to small and mid-sized businesses around the world.


Scanco Software was faced with the task of preparing its financial data to be market-ready and saleable. Scanco’s owners also sought to increase their strategic and financial operations bandwidth for a smooth M&A process. This included moving to GAAP accounting, performing a quality of earnings analysis, and developing new financial models and reporting standards.


To achieve these goals, Scanco’s owners engaged TechCXO to provide full CFO services, including:

  • A deep dive into the company’s business model, including working closely with management, ownership, and investment bankers to understand the business’s intricacies
  • Construction of a comprehensive 3-statement financial model
  • Adjustments to align with US GAAP
  • Quality of Earnings, net debt, and net working capital analysis 
  • Preparation of updated financial data
  • Financial due diligence support
  • Negotiation of the sale agreement and implementation of improvements and best practices to financial operations and reporting.

TechCXO continues to support Scanco through the transition to new Private Equity ownership as the business prepares for its next phase of growth.

Emmett Ferri
Emmett FerriFractional CFO
Emmett Ferri served as Scano’s fractional CFO, and helped lead the company to a successful exit.


Firmament, a provider of structured equity capital solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises and an established investor in the supply chain sector, acquired Scanco (see Press Release).  In the press release, Firmament stated: “…the transaction is a significant milestone for Scanco, as Firmament’s backing will pave the way for Scanco to grow and expand its suite of warehouse and manufacturing automation solutions…clients and employees alike will benefit from the strategic investment as Firmament is excited to invest in Scanco’s future growth by supporting product innovation and strategic acquisitions.”

TechCXO’s strategic and operational support provided Scanco with robust finance and account systems, processes, and infrastructure. Our M&A Transaction Support ensured a fair market price that reflected Scanco’s true value.

Emmett and the team at TechCXO turned out to be one of the most important decisions we made in maximizing the value of our company for the sales process. Emmett took the time to really understand the business and accounting. He was able to provide current management, along with prospective buyers, the full financial picture of our business that went above and beyond our ERP data. I would recommend Emmett to any company looking to better understand their financials both historically and forecasted. Emmett was a pleasure to work with and I would never sell another one of my companies without his vast expertise in my corner.”

-Shaun Boros

Partner with Boros Enterprises and former owner of Scanco Software