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It's time we move beyond the Active vs. Passive Investing debate and bifurcated strategy labeling The clarity once gained from what has become a messy strategy split has degrade...

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Business Plan Advice from Yale – Dumb it Down

The best advice I ever received on writing business plans may have also been the most obvious.  The advice came from David Cromwell, a 30-year veteran at JP Morgan. For 6 of th...

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Servant Leadership and Employee Retention

Unplanned employee turnover is a painful and costly business malady. Even in a large organizations like the military, leaders are challenged to keep high performers inside the p...

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Building a High Performance Culture

We define corporate culture as a shared pattern of values, beliefs and expectations. These values produce rules for behavior and pressure to conform on the job. Tom Peters’ tim...

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Leadership vs Management

Management vs. Leadership - Setting the Foundation Establishing the importance of leadership and management in building a high performance culture “Management is about persua...

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5 Leadership and Management Styles

How style may impact your team's performance The five leadership and management styles in today’s business are: The Boss, the Judge, the Missing, the Super Performer and the C...

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Acquisition Integration – Part 1

Why Acquisitions Fail: It’s the Integration Companies seek to accelerate revenue growth or enter new markets through mergers and acquisitions. They spend a lot of energy and r...

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Board Management Part 3 – KPIs

In my prior post related to boards of directors, I discussed when to add independent directors to your board. In this article, I will cover some critical aspects of managing y...

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making hard decisions

Making the Hard Decisions

Making hard decisions is one of several skills CEOs and CXOs must master in order to lead. The failure to do so can, at times, be deadly or crippling to achieving healthy growth ...

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on-demand executive eBook TechCXO

On Demand Executive Guide

Accessing talent no longer means having to “own” talent via your own dedicated workforce. Forward-looking entrepreneurs, owners, investors and executives realize an on-dem...

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Tech CEO Profile

In technology, three CEO profiles continually present themselves when it comes to the handling of finances.   In each case, the CEO has a blind spot or a persistent, nagging fe...

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value prop

Defining Your Value Propositon

Entrepreneurs and startups can stall if they cannot effectively articulate a compelling value proposition. Fortunately, we are happy to offer you a guide, presented by TechCXO's ...

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Outsourced CFO

Outsourced CFO Guide

Companies have increasingly delayed hiring a full-time CFO until they faced a significant financial triggering event. However, with rapidly changing business models and dynamics,...

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