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It's time we move beyond the Active vs. Passive Investing debate and bifurcated strategy labeling The clarity once gained from what has become a messy strategy split has degrade...

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8 Guidelines for International Expansion

You have a pretty good business and things are growing nicely. If you have a Board or some advisors or even a relative living abroad, then someone has said to you that your busin...

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Managing Capital Intensive Startups

All startups have challenges but those early stage companies in industries that require more up-front capital – without any internal cash flow to draw from -- have unique issue...

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Equity Incentives for Capital Intensive Startups

The term “capital intensive” doesn’t always mean a need for high levels of working capital for equipment and facilities. For a growing number of startups, the capital inten...

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5 Most Common Financial Mistakes that Startups Make

I have been a CFO for over 25 years (I know, must have been 14 when I started) and have worked with 30+ early stage companies. Typically, these are venture-backed companies or ne...

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Acquisition Integration – Part 1

Why Acquisitions Fail: It’s the Integration Companies seek to accelerate revenue growth or enter new markets through mergers and acquisitions. They spend a lot of energy and r...

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Infographic – Acquisition Integration Blast Suit

Here is an infographic (download PDF) with the 10 reasons to hire a seasoned interim executive to put on the Blast Suit and handle your acquisition integration.  ...

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Board Management Part 3 – KPIs

In my prior post related to boards of directors, I discussed when to add independent directors to your board. In this article, I will cover some critical aspects of managing y...

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Disruptive by Design

Why is Dr. Clayton Christensen’s Disruptive Innovation Theory Important for Your Business? Disruption Innovation Theory is about growth and creation of shareholder value. It...

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Budgeting for Risk – Part 1

Since I began advising clients on risk related issues, the discussion regarding risk appetite or risk tolerance has always been a hot topic. I have yet to see a corporate risk po...

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Risk Metrics for Decision Makers – Part 2

Unfortunately, all too often conversations about risk management start with a discussion of off-the-shelf risk metrics, what is value at risk (VaR), or some other arcane aspect o...

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risk appetite

Risk Appetite – Part 3

Risk Appetite: Risk is a Finite Resource When I was a child getting an allowance, my parents taught me I had to make choices regarding how I would spend it. I realized early o...

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risk and revenue

Risk Based Performance Revenue Targets – Part 4

When creating something physical whether it be a building, a home, or a child's playhouse, it is clear that certain materials are necessary. The bigger the structure the more mat...

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