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Sovereign Systems Case Study

Sovereign Systems helps transform legacy data center technologies and applications into ultra-efficient, cloud-based platforms. They needed multi-level finance/accounting leaders...

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Manufacturing Initiatives eBook

Manufacturers: Win share in a downturn Now is the time for US manufacturers to make changes to improve their manufacturing businesses before any downturn. Authored by manufactur...

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Interoperability of Digital Health Information is Here

There is no reason to wait for more technology to achieve EHR interoperability – it’s already here For a number of years, I have been in awe of the glacial pace at which hea...

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eBook Capital Intensive Startups

Managing Capital Intensive Startups Guide

Managing a capital-intensive startup is tricky. Authored by TechCXO's Managing Partner - Boston Chris Thomajan, follow these straightforward guidelines to principles, perspec...

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SaaS Company’s Journey to Relevance

Recently, I attended the annual SaaStr conference where thousands of people in the SaaS community - Founder CEOs, VC & PE investors, operators and service providers of all st...

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best audit

Your Best Audit Ever

BEST AUDIT EVER: FOUR GUIDELINES TechCXO partners are fond of saying credible numbers lead to credible management. Audits may not be sexy but a smooth annual audit shows your...

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Risk Budget Distributions

Defining Risk Based Budget Distributions – Part 5

An effective application of risk management principles can enhance many processes within the context of managing a business and enabling business managers to make better and more...

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risk and revenue

Risk Based Performance Revenue Targets – Part 4

When creating something physical whether it be a building, a home, or a child's playhouse, it is clear that certain materials are necessary. The bigger the structure the more mat...

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risk appetite

Risk Appetite – Part 3

Risk Appetite: Risk is a Finite Resource When I was a child getting an allowance, my parents taught me I had to make choices regarding how I would spend it. I realized early o...

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Risk Metrics for Decision Makers – Part 2

Unfortunately, all too often conversations about risk management start with a discussion of off-the-shelf risk metrics, what is value at risk (VaR), or some other arcane aspect o...

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Budgeting for Risk – Part 1

Since I began advising clients on risk related issues, the discussion regarding risk appetite or risk tolerance has always been a hot topic. I have yet to see a corporate risk po...

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Disruptive by Design

Why is Dr. Clayton Christensen’s Disruptive Innovation Theory Important for Your Business? Disruption Innovation Theory is about growth and creation of shareholder value. It...

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Board Management Part 3 – KPIs

In my prior post related to boards of directors, I discussed when to add independent directors to your board. In this article, I will cover some critical aspects of managing y...

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