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ProRata Client Case Study

TechCXO fractional CFOs and supporting accounting and finance functions teams provide a tremendous value to many technology startups and early-stage companies like ProRata. It's ...

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Acquisition Integration Part 3 – Systems and Technology

Part Three: Systems and Technology Companies seek to accelerate revenue growth or enter new markets through mergers and acquisitions. They spend a lot of energy and resources ...

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Open APIs light a FHIR under interoperability

With a certification deadline looming, EHR vendors and healthcare providers should look to 3rd-party applications that meet the promise of secure and effective data-sharing By...

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Technical Debt: Startups Silent Killer

There’s a condition that silently but relentlessly stalks startups and is one of their leading killers: technical debt. Here are few of its symptoms: General discomfort...

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Client Spotlight – Emrgy Transforming Hydropower

Incredibly exciting to see how TechCXO client Emrgy is using proprietary hydropower technology to tap into slow or shallow waterways and turn them into sources of electrical powe...

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Business Continuity Plans

Here's a rhetorical question... When is the best time to prepare for a hurricane or tropical storm? (BEFORE it strikes).  If you weren't dealing with the busy hurricane season d...

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