TechCXO and Trialbee, a trailblazing force in technology-driven patient recruitment for clinical trials, recently embarked on a thrilling journey with TechCXO. Together, we navigated uncharted territories, filled an essential marketing leadership role, and evolved Trialbee’s brand identity and growth trajectory. All in all, it’s a story of partnership, resilience, and strategic transformation that we can’t wait for you to discover.

“Murem and TechCXO were instrumental in guiding our company through a crucial transition period, positioning us for continued growth and success. Murem’s extensive healthcare industry knowledge and strategic approach, combined with her network and resources, enabled us to pursue marketing initiatives that perfectly aligned with our business objectives. Her comprehensive transition plan paved the way for a smooth and successful onboarding of our new VP of Marketing. We are grateful for Murem’s invaluable contributions to our company’s success.”

Matt Walz

Chief Executive Officer