Deluxe had a three-pronged vision for accelerating revenue growth from recent acquisitions: streamline the sales and client relationship model, cross-sell new software and services more effectively and increase client satisfaction and retention. Given the size and scale of their growth, they engaged TechCXO for help executing this vision.


Deluxe needed to figure out how to accelerate revenue growth from new FinTech acquisitions. Deluxe wanted to streamline the sales and client relationship model, more effectively cross sell new software and services, and increase client satisfaction and retention.


TechCXO created a multi-faceted solution including: two tiered sales process comprising growth businesses, specific roles and responsibilities for all stakeholders so as to implement effective performance standards and expectations, and updated the skills and competency model to include best practice knowledge, behaviors
and performance.


After working with TechCXO, Deluxe saw tighter integration of the sales and client services teams, who had the knowledge and skills necessary to cross-sell FinTech solutions into the Deluxe client base. This also helped proliferate a high-performance corporate culture driven to meet and exceed the new standards and measurements.

“TechCXO’s senior operating experience was significant. It allowed us to realign our sales and go to market strategies and achieve our growth targets faster and
more efficiently .”

Bob FidlerSVP Sales and Client Services