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Amanda Sparks


Amanda has a diverse background inside of multiple Fortune 500 companies, including Ahold Delhaize, Amazon, and ABB, leading procurement, cost modeling and reduction, contract negotiation, logistics, supply chain, marketing, media, and revenue growth strategy projects.  Her work has resulted in well over $1B in cost savings over her 12-year career, but more importantly, she has injected innovation and simplicity into each business challenge she has tackled, leading to her being hired by her stakeholders on multiple occasions to manage the new paradigm she created.

After many years in large enterprise organizations, Amanda wanted to reverse engineer the sales and marketing process and apply many things she had learned being on the prospect side of “the deal.” She excelled in the world of Revenue Operations, applying technology and data and process engineering to create a best-in-class system that resulted in a 224% increase in open pipeline valuation and a 300% increase in a number of open deals year over year at her first company.  

Now, she is working with multiple other companies applying the same system to scale their revenue strategies in a similar way.  Amanda has found that RevOps is the most valuable and easily applied distillation of everything she learned in her corporate career; it is also fun to implement and tune and watch a great RevOps strategy take off like a rocket.

Amanda still has passion, though, and continues to work on projects in cost modeling (especially around raw commodity management), supply chain / logistics, risk management (workers’ comp, actuarial modeling), and all types of contract negotiation with vendors for services and products from her time in corporate procurement (she is a fierce negotiator). 

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