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John Capobianco

Partner – Executive Operations; Interim and Fractional CEO, COO, CMO



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John Capobianco

Partner – Executive Operations; Interim and Fractional CEO, COO, CMO

John H. Capobianco is a Partner in TechCXO’s Executive Operations Practice. He is called on by clients, investors, Boards and Executive Teams to serve as a fractional and interim CEO, COO and/or CMO to drive business growth.

With more than 30 years of experience in the IT, Healthcare and Software/SaaS industries, John is a proven business executive and technologist with a gift for articulating a compelling vision and inspiring an organization to execute that vision successfully. Before TechCXO, Capobianco grew the business and brands of large companies such as Hewlett-Packard, SAP, and CA and led growth companies through successful IPOs and exits at Bluestone Software and MEDecision. He has mentored countless C-level executives towards their successes and helped grow the vision and the teams to fulfill them at companies worldwide and in many industries.

During his distinguished career, John’s key positions and accomplishments included:

Chief Marketing Officer, Bluestone Software. John was responsible for Branding, Messaging and Strategic Marketing for this provider of enterprise interaction management. Key outcomes included:

  • Created the strategic plan for corporate growth and marketing from an initial $17 million valuation growing the brand equity to a $750 million valuation at the final liquidity event; including pre-IPO initial message creation, branding, analyst and public relations, collateral design, and program management
  • Built a world-class marketing team from scratch; defined industry standard term (Interaction) for the unit of application server work which was sold by a consumptive model; defined the application server market; beat IBM, BEA, and Sun in the industry thought leadership for the AppServer market; defined and launched AppServer and e-Commerce markets.
  • Responsible for the entire implementation/management of the strategic plan from startup through the S-1, the IPO and secondary round, and the final liquidity event – the sale of Bluestone to Hewlett Packard for more than $750 million.

President & COO, MEDecision. For this provider of Collaborative Care Management Software and Professional Services in the Managed Care Industry, John:

  • Launched a new strategic plan: propelled the company from $12 million in revenue in 2002 to an industry leader at more than $44 million in 2006 revenue and the company’s IPO in December 2006. Health Care Services Corporation of Chicago acquired the company in August 2008 for $121 million.
  • As President and COO, was responsible for all of MEDecision’s operations processes and departments: built the entire company around the new strategy, growing it from 112 people to more than 240 people.
  • Built the sales team with a new Chief Revenue Officer, the marketing team, the professional services team with a new SVP of services, the development team from a good core with a new CIO, the operations team around an excellent existing CFO.

John was most recently:

CMO, VITAC. VITAC is the leader in Realtime closed captioning, serving the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Communities and assists more than 1,500 customers. During his tenure, John

  • Completely overhauled the marketing division and the strategic mission of the company, moving it towards a business captioning service verses network processing only. This caused a shift in new revenues for an expanding product line.
  • Implemented all of the most current marketing automation and tracking tools, as well as defining the sales cycle and providing a collateral architecture to assist sales.
  • Created a product marketing function to create new product ideas to build the company’s future product inventory and expand its markets.

Prior to that, John successfully created a consulting practice:

KICKSTART PARTNERS, LLC, Co-Founder of the company created to showcase the talents and experience of its founders. KickStart Partners helpd company management and their investors at critical junctures in the life of the enterprise. KickStart Partners’ three founding principals have decades of successful operating experience as board members and officers (CEO, COO, CMO, CFO, CIO, and CTO) in over 30 companies. The company focused on maximizing results at significant inflection points and smoothing the departmental interlock in the client company. Services included:

Strategic Planning

    • Due Diligence
    • Merger & Acquisition Planning and Execution
    • Valuation Optimization
    • Market & Product Assessments
    • Equity Event Planning
    • Management Mentoring

In addition, John held senior executive marketing positions with SAP, Sybase, Primavera, and Computer Associates/CA.

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