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Matt Oess


Matt Oess leads TechCXO’s Executive Coaching Practice and also serves our Clients as a Strategy, Sales, and Marketing consultant or interim CRO.

Executive Coaching

Matt is an Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)-certified Senior Executive Coach. He works with Senior Leadership Teams to create the alignment, collaboration, and communication required for optimal outcomes. He works with very successful, powerful executives who, put simply, don’t believe the status quo is good enough, personally and professionally. To quote a client CEO, “It happens in every company. We were leaving $ millions on the table. Though TechCXO’s program, we finally made massive strides on the mis-alignment and the dysfunctional, siloed behavior that were holding us back.”

Like elite athletes on a quest to be Olympic champions, he works with successful leaders who are looking to constantly progress. Current coaching clients include: A team of eighteen (18) Senior Executives at a $60M rapidly-growing technology company; a team of five (5) Senior Executives at a $300M consumer goods company, ten (10) Senior Executives at a large Berkshire Hathaway portfolio company, the CEO of a $250M+ software company, a top 3 Executive of a $6 Billion industrial manufacturing company, the SVP Sales of IoT SaaS company, and the principal owner of a boutique Consulting Firm. For more information, check out http://MattOess.com/ or TechCXO’s Executive Coaching page.

Testimonials from Matt’s Clients

“This coaching is truly transformational. Matt’s teachings and his view of the how our minds work have fundamentally changed how I see the world.

He has an exceptionally insightful, yet assertive way of challenging me. He challenges our leadership team to consider alternate approaches to the incredibly complex, difficult, and often emotional decisions that we face. He is a constant source of inspiration, support, and positivity that somehow creates massive change.

His value, impact, and ROI to me, our entire leadership team and our company are incredibly high.” (Chief Operating Officer)

“I can confidently say this about the Executive Coaching program. I’ve been at this company for 13 years. Not only is this the best HR initiative I’ve been a part of, but also it is the best thing we’ve ever done. I can honestly say that this is truly life-changing.” (VP Key Accounts, $300M Luxury Goods Manufacturer)

“The difference is that Matt doesn’t just coach individual Senior Executives. He coaches the entire Senior Executive team. He is the secret weapon that CEOs need to strip away the dysfunction that keeps every Executive Team in every company from being fully aligned, communicating, and trusting. Matt is an incredible executive coach who has literally 10X’d our leadership team’s potential both as individuals and as a team in less than 1 year working with him! Matt’s impact is literally in the $Millions to us.” (CEO, $65M, high-growth Digital Marketing Company)

Strategy, Sales, and Marketing Consulting

Matt also has extensive experience in managing strategic and enterprise-level sales, marketing, demand-generation, and business-development initiatives in high technology markets. His client engagement and experience includes achieving cross-functional alignment between Sales and Marketing, sales process and methodology modernization, effective proposition development and positioning, and creation of global infrastructure to support customers.

Matt’s consulting practice specialty is establishing or modernizing Sales and Marketing methodologies and processes that help clients:

1) be more relevant to customers,
2) create demand,
3) more effectively create and manage pipelines,
4) better onboard new and up-skill existing sales team members, and
5) fix issues with forecasting and revenue governance.

Among Matt’s client work and support as an interim executive are the following:

GE Digital, GE Transportation, GE Oil and Gas, GE Power – Outcome Selling Sales Methodology
Co-design, develop and deploy global “Outcome Selling” account and opportunity planning and coaching methodologies. Enabling GE’s Digital and IoT strategies and to transform the selling culture and competence to be more relevant to customers at a strategic level.

ZVerse, Inc – Consulting Interim Chief Sales Officer
Client enjoying 200% top-line growth in 2018 over 2017 (more)

Matt was a transformative leader for my company during a pivotal time. I engaged Matt at TechCXO to assess our sales strategy and recommend ways we could improve. TechCXO’s pipeline methodology took us from zero confidence/visibility to a growing portfolio of well-qualified, closeable opportunities. Matt transformed our sales team strategy and mindset. – John Carrington, CEO, ZVerse 3D Printing and Design on Demand.

Larson-Juhl (a Berkshire Hathaway Company) – Interim Vice President of Marketing
Reconfigured the sales organization, including the creation of an inside sales team (more)

Matt and TechCXO had a significant impact on our business. Their team partnered with us to reorganize our sales force, introducing new types of customer and territory segmentation. This contributed to our strongest sales performance in years. – Drew VanPelt, former CEO, Larson-Juhl, a Berkshire Hathaway company.

Pitney Bowes – Sales Pipeline and Forecast Management Methodology Engagement
Co-designed, developed and deployed global methodology for sales pipeline and forecast management

Prior to joining TechCXO, Matt was Vice President of the $56 million Vertical Sales Group and Vice President for the $78 million Global, National, and Government division at Mitel, a $700 million, publicly traded provider of unified communications and collaboration solutions.

Prior to Mitel, Matt successfully executed senior sales and business development positions for Cisco Systems and Nortel Networks. Early in his career at General Motors/Delco Electronics, he incubated electronics products for GM vehicles, known today as XM satellite radio, OnStar, and vehicular navigation technologies.

Matt holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Yale University with concentrations in Strategy, Marketing, and Leadership. Prior to Yale, he earned a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University.

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