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Who hires an Executive Coach? What is the value? How does it work?

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Being a Founder, CEO or Senior Executive can be a lonely place

Executive Coaching Is

  • C-level Executives, Vice Presidents, and Senior Leaders, who are DONE with the status quo.
  • Executives who want to make the shift from Good to Great in themselves and their organizations
  • Executives with the emotional intelligence to recognize that we all have things at work and in life that could be better.

Executive Coaching Is Not

  • Remediation of personal flaws
  • Board’s hope to prop up a failing leader
  • Human Capital’s last ditch effort to fix dysfunctional relationships

Who Hires an Executive Coach?

Who hires an executive coach? Senior executive teams and individuals do.

Being a founder, CEO or Senior Executive can be a lonely place. It’s not always appropriate to “think out loud” with employees, other leadership, or the Board. And, your family is tired of hearing about your work! Through Senior Executive coaching, we co-create and deliver extraordinary impact.

What value do executives get from coaching?

The biggest value executives tell us that they get from the coaching experience is that it provides a confidential place to go and find clarity.

They say things like, “Executive Coaching helps me to…

  • “achieve better clarity (and courage) on tough decisions I have to make,”
  • “be intentional about and create focus on something I want…and don’t yet have,”
  • “gain perspective around a frustrating problem,”
  • “maintain my intestinal fortitude to stay the course during a time of massive change,”
  • “be intentional about the legacy I will leave behind,”
  • “flush out ideas and hone my messaging.”

Executive Team Coaching

We hear it all the time. CEOs tell us during initial discussions, “We are literally leaving $Millions on the table, because my senior team doesn’t communicate as we should and we can’t get aligned.”

When change and alignment are the key obstacles, we work with Powerful Senior Executive teams and their Human Resources leaders, to achieve cross-functional alignment, enhance proactive engagement, solve change management problems, and kick the status quo to the curb.

When CHANGE is the key obstacle, executives and their teams are typically struggling with cross-functional alignment and more fundamental issues around emotional intelligence, energy, clarity and awareness. To solve change management problems, we often retreat to vision, values, strategies, goals, incentives, actions, etc. which are all important and necessary…but not sufficient.

Creating alignment among Senior Executive teams means getting to the root causes of inertia within the status quo and the conflicting interests of team members. Executive coaching frees up, aligns and energizes teams to understand each other and move forward with SPEED.

Executive Coaching Services

One-on-One Coaching

C-level Executives, Vice Presidents, Owners, and Senior Leaders who are DONE with the status quo and who are constantly searching for ways to go from Good to Great.

Senior Teams

Get aligned by deepened awareness and raised consciousness to take bold steps to improve the powerful collaborative energy required to achieve buy-in, alignment, and change.

How it Works

TechCXO has made it easy to get started with Executive Coaching. The commitment can be as little as 3 months, meeting or doing calls of one hour each, three times a month.

If you are a senior leader or an HR professional frustrated with your organization’s ability to shift and change, let’s start with a quick, 15-minute complimentary phone call

Executive Coaching vs. Mentoring and Consulting

TechCXO clients appreciate that all TechCXO partners have proven themselves as successful C-Suite executives inside companies. With that experience and success comes a lot of useful advice. However, there are distinctions to be made between coaching, mentoring and advisory services.

Consulting, Advising, Implementing

A lot of consulting is “go do.” Develop strategy. Put in structure and systems. Create a go-to-market plan. Sell. Deliver. TechCXO’s model is to very much to bring our experience, passion and knowledge to help clients “do” and achieve their goals faster. This may be from serving as a fractional, part-time or interim executive focused on specific strategies, programs and implementations. See Expertise.

Executive Coaching, however, responds to those problems that cannot be addressed by creating strategies and programs and implementing. Executive Coaching gets to the root of issues blocking people and companies taking the actions they need to. Coaching gets under limiting beliefs and sticky, pervasive issues that the organization cannot get out from under.

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