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Alan Gold

Partner – Revenue Growth; Interim and Fractional CMO, CSO, CPO



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Alan Gold

Partner – Revenue Growth; Interim and Fractional CMO, CSO, CPO

Alan Gold is a SaaS software and tech industry go-to-market, strategy and product executive with an exceptional track record of delivering growth and profitability. He is engaged by C-suite and senior executives, investors and boards in early-stage, growth and established technology companies to accelerate growth, improve market positioning and differentiation, and create high-performing teams. 

Alan’s extensive B2B go-to-market experience is global, spanning the U.S. and Canada, Europe, and AsiaPac. He has been both a successful executive and trusted advisor with a wide range of venture-funded, private, and public software and technology companies with SaaS applications, healthcare, expense management, supply chain and logistics software, as well as AI-driven applications.  

Throughout his distinguished corporate career, Alan has been deeply involved in bringing numerous leading-edge technologies to market, most of which are integral to our work and personal lives today. He has been a Strategic Advisor and Fractional Executive to leading companies, including Johnson & Johnson, Merck Pharmaceutical, Accur8 Software, and Newmine, where he successfully drove senior leadership-directed projects and helped align sales and marketing efforts, refine go-to-market strategies, and expand market opportunities. His strategic consulting expertise has been sought by various VC-funded AI software application providers, including Forma.ai and Insite AI.

His specific areas of expertise include:

Alan’s experience also includes leading SaaS software companies as their Chief Marketing Officer, including Descartes Systems Group, e2open, Bamboo Rose, Avotus Corp., and Progress Software.

He received an MBA from Boston College and a BA from Brandeis University.

Endorsements from Clients

I worked with Alan as both his senior sponsor and collaborator at Johnson & Johnson on a number of extremely important and successful CIO-driven projects… in an organization as large and complex as J&J, navigating, let alone executing is a challenge… I have seldom seen anyone perform more effectively and with more collaborative skill than Alan…Alan worked at our highest levels of Vice Presidents and Senior Directors, and often was the “glue” that brought people together who had never met in order to solve an important problem. 

One of our most recent projects together, working with the pharma manufacturing organization, was so successful that Alan was engaged to roll the program out globally across the entire Johnson & Johnson Supply Chain IT organization. 

I enjoyed working with Alan immensely and look forward to doing so again in the future. For anyone looking for a smart, practical, results-driven consultant or fractional executive I recommend him most highly.

David Wile, Senior Director, Johnson & Johnson

I had the opportunity to partner closely with Alan during our time together at an early-stage, venture-funded AI software focused on the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. Alan joined the company as our fractional CMO in order to build out our marketing presence and to collaborate with me as SVP of Retail and CPG on business development and fulfilling our investors’ pipeline expectations. During our nearly two-year effort together, which ultimately set the groundwork for a very successful Series A from prominent investors, I could not have had a more collaborative or knowledgeable partner with whom to work.

Marketing and Sales don’t always work well together, especially when the target sales are of long duration and complicated to prosecute, but Alan and I collaborated so well that we often did senior-level meetings, presentations and demos together, resulting in a pipeline that exceeded our targets.

Ryan Powell, Head of Strategic Accounts, Turing Labs, Inc.

Alan has been my CMO and colleague in two different tech companies, both of which posed “interesting” sales and marketing challenges. The most recent was a well-funded growth stage company and the former was a more established, $50M+ tech and managed services company with high transformation expectations from the board… Working as Alan’s go-to-market partner has been an extraordinary experience. Putting aside his open, honest personality, what he doesn’t know about Marketing isn’t worth knowing. As important to me as a sales leader, Alan truly understands selling, direct and indirect, at a hands-on level. While he is an excellent strategist, he is always thinking about how to help get a deal done.

From a Marketing perspective, Alan does a great job of blending a 30+ career as a senior leader with staying completely current on marketing trends and technologies. Just as important, maybe more so, Alan knows how to hire the right talent for the job at hand. His “win rate” for great marketers is the best I’ve ever seen. He has a similar sense for good Sales and Bus Dev people, and we routinely interviewed one another’s, candidates to validate our decisions. 

His focus is to serve as a fractional head of marketing or strategic advisor to growth-focused companies, and I would recommend him for that role without any hesitation!

Lisa Welsh, SVP Sales and Business Development, Forma.ai

Alan is a top-notch pro with a comprehensive grasp of the art and science of marketing, a probing intelligence and a passion to win. He leveraged that compelling combination over many years of our work together to produce consistently outstanding results.

Richard Bravman, CEO, Coastal Ventures LLC

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