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Andy Shober


Andy is a sales and commercial leader with a 25-year track record of achieving extraordinary results for software and technology services providers, ranging from startups to Fortune 50 companies. He is accomplished in all facets of sales strategy and leadership including forecast and pipeline management, competitive positioning, market development and demand generation. His greatest impact has been in strategy development and client facing execution of transformations, including launch, acceleration, pivot or turnarounds. His experience as a CFO and business owner enables deeper insights that can be translated into broader strategic outcomes. He has proven ability to apply expertise across different markets including major digital transformation initiatives in the financial services, mobile shopping and industrial sectors.

Andy’s practice is focused on enabling clients to develop and execute strategies that: 

  • Accelerate revenue and value growth 
  • Improve cross-functional alignment and profitability
  • Maximize value from strategic and enterprise accounts 
  • Dramatically improve executive and outcome based selling
  • Increase confidence in forecasts and sales execution

Prior to joining TechCXO, Andy held roles including Global SWAT Team Leader for GE Digital, Chief Sales Officer at Merchant Customer Exchange, Vice President of Sales at Bottomline Technologies and Chief Financial Officer of Unidel Technologies.  He is also currently an owner of Whole Health Center, a multi-modal wellness clinic, outside Denver.

Andy attended the University of Colorado where he earned an MS in Finance and BS in Business / Mineral Land Management.

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