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What is Telehealth Medicine?

Telehealth medicine is the use of technology that enables remote healthcare for individuals. Doctors are able to treat patients via computer or telephone. The patient does not have to go into the office unless the doctor thinks it is necessary. This gives the flexibility to be seen on breaks, late at night when going in person is difficult. Or an expert is available in a different location. Bottom line, your care does not have to wait.

When Telehealth is Better than Traditional Care

There are some situations in which telehealth can be better than traditional care:

  • Diagnosis of common medical problems such as headache, sore throat, back pain, digestive troubles, etc.
  • Inquiries about various medical issues for home treatments
  • Post treatment check-ins or follow up for chronic care
  • Faster refill of short term medical prescriptions
  • Holidays, weekends, late night or any situation when regular medical care is not possible
  • Patient inability to leave the house due to sickness or bad weather conditions
  • Expanding the circles of care across the globe, ensuring there is always an expert available

Telehealth Process

  • Patients fill out a form regarding their symptoms, illness, etc.
  • Form is processed and a physician accepts the appointment for that day or sets a near future appointment, realtime, or scheduled appointments.
  • Patient receives confirmation of appointment time along with the requirements for a successful call/video.
  • Patient gets on the video/call with a physician to seek treatment for their concern.
  • Physician asks questions and figures out what is the next best step.
  • Prescriptions are sent to a pharmacy, a patient is given a diagnosis with care steps and a potential follow up appointment is set.

Telehealth Benefits


This is one of the biggest benefits as it allows for the patient to be diagnosed from the comforts of their own home. They don’t have to travel during inclement weather and it is a way to be seen at any time as long as a doctor is available.

Money Saving

This is a benefit for both the physician and patient. The patient doesn’t lose hours/ pay at work from having to leave for an appointment. The physician doesn’t lose money on cancellations or no shows.

Time Saving

There are some patients who have chronic illnesses that may have them in a traditional doctors office all the time. Renewing prescriptions is as easy as a click of a button. Being able to “see” a doctor or talk to them on the phone, saves travel time and stress.

Telehealth Consulting

TechCXO can provide leadership and knowledge on how to complete a technology assessment for your business. Some of the responsibilities include:

  • Researching and evaluating relevant technology of importance to the business.
  • Spearheading and implementing business objectives, missions and visions.
  • Development and management of software, and their methodologies.
  • Defining a business’ Key Performance Metrics (KPMs)
  • Understanding the level of scalability and resilience of various technologies
  • Technology maintenance assessment and planning.
  • Democratic governance of technology.

If you have a need for a C-Suite executive like a Chief Technology Officer, or a Chief Information officer, with over a decade of experience to help ensure your project is completed on time, on budget and ensuring a win for your team, please reach out to us today. We can tailor our service offerings to meet your needs.

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