Healthcare system platform provider


TechCXO recently worked with a platform, data science and solutions innovator focused on creating a more efficient healthcare system. Through AI, this company eliminates waste through the science of data – using automation, transparency and objective insights – to ensure appropriate care settings.​ By selling to hospital systems, the company helps improve the speed of the approval, payment processes and collaboration with health insurers.


  • A new COO was recently hired and the company wanted to take this opportunity to look at their account management structure and make sure they were aligned with the best practices, including process, organizational structure, and incentivized compensation, to make sure they were meeting the needs of their clients
  • The company reached out to TechCXO to perform third-party assessment and to share best practices and perspectives to ensure they were optimized


  • Assessed the company’s client success organization, processes, technologies, and key objectives
  • Created a customer experience program, from aligning job descriptions and compensation targets to optimize how the company serves their clients
  • Coordinated with the Sales team to ensure a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities, including areas of potential overlap between sales and client success
  • Developed a skills inventory, conducted manager and peer 360 reviews, defined a revised account management structure and realigned existing team members, facilitated rollout of the program.


With the aid of Stephanie Rose-Belcher and TechCXO, the company improved its gross and net client retention rate. The company realigned to a three-tiered account management model based on client size and complexity, allowing for career pathing for account managers and better support of clients.

With Stephanie’s help on this new model, we are now as efficient and effective as possible.”



For more information, contact TechCXO’s Stephanie Rose-Belcher