HR Services Case Study


“…meticulous execution of HR initiatives…”


Intellum is a technology company that provides employee collaboration, performance and learning tools so the largest and fastest-moving brands in the world can successfully educate their customers, partners, and employees.


Intellum has a dynamic team of award-winning learning practitioners, consultants, content experts, engagement professionals, developers, and engineers. To maximize the firm’s competitiveness and continued success, they asked TechCXO for help.


Intellum employees


The Intellum team has highly skilled professionals who are in demand. They were looking for a comprehensive approach that was not just about numbers. Rather, they were looking to cement the company’s values and communicate just how highly they regard their people.


To achieve these goals, Intellum engaged TechCXO’s compensation expert who:

  • Conducted a detailed analysis of job roles, responsibilities, and market benchmarks
  • Completed a company-wide job pricing analysis
  • Completed an update grade structure throughout the company
  • Revised the entire compensation philosophy for the company
  • Created and executed a training and communications plan for the roll-out of the new philosophy to build consensus and buy-in.
Joe Wickham
Joe WickhamTechCXO Compensation Expert


Geri Morgan, the Chief People Officer, at Intellum was so pleased with the work and outcome, she personally penned a wonderful letter (PDF). She noted that “…we established a compensation philosophy that reflects our values, supports our strategic objectives, and enhances our employer brand.”

She added that the work “will have a lasting impact on our organization, setting us up for sustained success in attracting and retaining top talent.”

I am writing to wholeheartedly recommend Joe Wickham for any position requiring expertise in compensation analysis, strategic planning, and meticulous execution of HR initiatives. I had the pleasure of working closely with Joe on a project critical to our organization’s future: the development of a comprehensive compensation grade structure, the revision of our compensation philosophy, and a thorough company-wide job pricing analysis to pinpoint necessary market adjustments.” Read Geri’s full leter.


-Geri Morgan

Chief People Officer, Intellum