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ProRata Client Case Study

TechCXO fractional CFOs and supporting accounting and finance functions teams provide a tremendous value to many technology startups and early-stage companies like ProRata. It's ...

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CEO vs CTO – Part 1 – Fixing a Broken Marriage

CEO vs CTO – Fixing a Broken Marriage Many times IT dysfunction in a company comes down to the inability of the CEO and the CTO (or CIO) to effectively communicate.  When yo...

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Acquisition Integration Part 3 – Systems and Technology

Part Three: Systems and Technology Companies seek to accelerate revenue growth or enter new markets through mergers and acquisitions. They spend a lot of energy and resources ...

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Technical Debt: Startups Silent Killer

There’s a condition that silently but relentlessly stalks startups and is one of their leading killers: technical debt. Here are few of its symptoms: General discomfort...

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RNC Data Breach and Your Business

This article was slated for a later release, but given the news about nearly 200 million American’s PII was made publicly available by a firm working for the RNC, we have decid...

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Business Continuity Plans

Here's a rhetorical question... When is the best time to prepare for a hurricane or tropical storm? (BEFORE it strikes).  If you weren't dealing with the busy hurricane season d...

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jake massey

Jake Massey – Why Choose TechCXO?

One look at Jake and you know he's cool, but Jake Massey is also an incredibly successful interim and on-demand CTO/CIO who is helping to optimize IT infrastructures for startup ...

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Data Integrity and Service Reliability

Maintaining data integrity is of upmost importance, especially in an environment that requires strong compliance, including HIPAA, GDPR, HiTRUST, ISO27001, SOC1, SOC2 and others....

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