List Partners-Winmo


Need for multi-level finance/accounting leadership and expertise but List Partners’ ownership did not foresee the workload to support the cost of full-time resources.

Need for on demand operational and strategic finance and accounting expertise through buy side and sell side M&A activity.


Engaged TechCXO in 2015 including a team of three distinct resources acting as the factional CFO, VP Finance and Controller, respectively. As a fully outsourced finance/accounting department, TechCXO implemented its best practice processes, methodologies and systems to support List Partners’ multi-year growth at a fraction of the cost of full-time management employees.

TechCXO led all internal, tactical and strategic, finance/accounting operations including buy side and sell side M&A activity.


Majority control of List Partners was acquired
in 2018 by Northlane Capital Partners.

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“We turned all our accounting and finance operations over to TechCXO. Not only did the TechCXO team provide excellent service, they were an invaluable strategic and operational advisor throughout our path to a controlled buyout transaction.”

Dave CurrieCEO

List Partners