PTX Tech


Need for functional and strategic finance and accounting leadership at fraction of cost of full time employees. Need for outside capital to fund investments in product and sales.


PTX Tech needed the capital, infrastructure and advice to realize their strategic vision for expansion and growth while containing costs.


TechCXO supported the firm by implementing its best practice tools and methodologies to position PTX for scale. TechCXO operated as PTX Tech’s outsourced finance/accounting department for 3 years supporting triple digit revenue growth up until successful sale of the business. Jason Scherr also sourced minimally dilutive outside capital by leveraging network of high net worth individuals.


Company was acquired by Ryan LLC in 2021.

“TechCXO was a key business partner for PTX Tech from its early days up through our successful exit. From capital sourcing to expansion strategy to financial planning, we leaned on Jason and his team for their expert guidance. We were always steered in the direction that best fit us and our company vision.”

Stephen WicksCEO

PTX Tech


For more information, contact TechCXO Partner  Jason Scherr.