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The Power of Compound Decision Making

CEOs of private, mostly venture-backed growth companies know all too well the burden of high expectations, both in the milestones and scale they are trying to achieve. Attached i...

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Board Financials

What to include (and leave out) in Board financials Many a post has been written about rules of thumb for holding effective Board meetings.  People should be present, meaning a...

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Board Comp

Board Compensation Public-Pre-IPO-Startup

Compensation for directors of large U.S. companies just passed a new threshold -- $300,000 per year in total fees -- up 3.5% according to a new study by Compensation Advisory Par...

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Board Management eBook

Board Management Guide

Managing a board of directors can be a huge challenge even for experienced entrepreneurs. What do they expect for an agenda? Who should participate? The preparation that is requi...

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Board Management Part 2 – Adding Independent Directors to Your Board

Adding Independent Directors to your Board In my last post, I discussed how to manage your board of directors – things to do and not to do. In this article, I discuss the adv...

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Board Management – Part 1 – Time to Get Serious About Board Management

So you’ve finally raised some money and now your new institutional investors have told you that your Uncle Rich and your childhood friend, Jason, must give up their board seats...

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