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Sovereign Systems Case Study

Sovereign Systems helps transform legacy data center technologies and applications into ultra-efficient, cloud-based platforms. They needed multi-level finance/accounting leaders...

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AI for Marketers – 3 Critical Questions

AI... Artificial Intelligence may have a greater impact on business, communication and interaction than social media has today, according to Marketing Expert Jeffrey Whitney. ...

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recruiting trends

Top 10 Trends in Recruiting for Tech Sales and Marketing

Julie Johnson Carlock, one of the country's top recruiters for sales and marketing professionals and executives in the tech space, has compiled a list of her 10 Trends in Recruit...

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Is it time for a Fractional CMO? 5 Scenarios

There is a consistent thread on where the need arises for a fractional CMO. Interestingly, this is consistent whether the company is 2 or 15 years old, whether it’s B2B or B2C,...

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AI Briefer for Marketers

Like my peers, as a longtime CMO, I’ve learned to deal with rapid technology change.  But, each new technology can create fear, uncertainty and doubt until we understand it be...

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CSOs and CMOs Must Hang Together

As recently as five years ago, few would’ve predicted the unification of Chief Sales Officers (CSOs) and Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs). They didn’t speak the same language,...

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