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Metrics that Matter

Within RevOps, metrics that matter are those that assess the health of your revenue functions and use data to recommend constant improvement

RevOps teams accelerate revenue growth in ways that provide a clear vision of the entire lifecycle in a customer’s interaction with the company. Key to this is accessing “Metrics that Matter” — from Sales Forecast and Pipeline Management to AI and Predictive Analytics — so you know what needs knowing.

CSOs and CROs need accurate and up-to-the minute data in order to make decisions in a rapidly changing sales landscape. Too often, the data they need is unavailable, or it resides in disparate systems and is maintained by different parts of the organization. TechCXO can help to assess, organize, and streamline your data into Revenue Growth dashboards that can be trusted and used across all areas of the Revenue Growth engine.

What to Expect

How We Can Help

The TechCXO approach to RevOps is constructed on 5 pillars

Metrics that Matter

From Sales Forecast and Pipeline Management to AI and Predictive Analytics, know what needs knowing

Dynamic, Actionable

RevOps identifies the critical metrics that assess the health of your revenue functions and uses data to recommend constant improvement

Enablement & Training

The development of and training related to the content provided to a sales team that helps them to communicate their solutions to clients


RevOps is the function that coordinates and often delivers training and enablement tools to support the success of your revenue teams

Processes & Methodologies

Automate data collection while discovering new ways to reach and engage target customers


RevOps is responsible for establishing the playbook for how revenue generation is done at your company and drives adherence to those playbooks

Revenue Tech Stack

Automate data collection while discovering new ways to reach and engage target customers


RevOps determines how your SMARTECH stack is selected and deployed, ensuring that tools are used or discarded

Messaging Alignment

Client-Facing Messaging

Coordinate Teams

Revops coordinates the various revenue teams in marketing, sales and customer success to align client-facing messaging.

On-going Improvement Programs

Internal 'Consultancy'

Interpret & Recommend

RevOps is the internal “consultancy” that interprets metrics and then recommends and oversees ongoing improvement projects.



Reduction in Go-to-Market expenses


Increase in internal customer satisfaction


Increase in business growth and sales productivity

Client Testimonials

TechCXO’s pipeline methodology took us from zero confidence/ visibility to a growing portfolio well qualified, closable opportunities.

John Carrington, CEO, Zverse

TechCXO completely transformed our sales operations processes. We’re on track for 40% plus CAGR.

Doug Dunn, CEO, CEO, Alliance bus group

I wish we could have more of TechCXO’s time and partners. We became cash-flow break even faster because of their unique model.

Vijay Sikka, Founder and CEO

Our Team

Rick Nichols
Rick NicholsManaging Partner, Revenue Growth
Bert Harkins
Bert HarkinsPartner; Interim / Fractional CSO, CRO
Rose Lee
Rose LeePartner; Interim / Fractional CMO
Rich Makover
Rich MakoverPartner - Revenue Growth; Interim / Fractional CRO, CSO

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