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Pipeline Forecast Management

Sales Pipeline and Forecast Management Accuracy Increases Income Accurate reporting facilitates better incentives and enhanced product effectiveness Hire a revenue growth expert Your business is unique. We'll work with you to accommodate your specific needs, from short-term projects to [...]

Sales Forecasting

Solutions Sales Forecasting and Pipeline Management The benefits of effective sales pipeline and forecast management include better management reporting, the ability to apply changes in pricing, sales and promotional incentives, review the effectiveness of products, features, markets and pricing, and ultimately, an increase in income. [...]

Why your sales team stinks at forecasting – part 3

Re-Qualify and Reclassify Every Deal In Part 1 of this series, Here's why your Sales Team Stinks at Forecasting Revenue, we reviewed the facts about just how bad we are at forecasting, thought through “why we stink,” and outlined three steps to redeeming ourselves as sales professionals and leaders. In order to help [...]

Opportunity Management

Sales Training & Coaching Opportunity Management Win complex sales at every level. Opportunity Management enables salespeople to better qualify and control competitive, complex and political sales evaluations. The methodology gives sales teams a common language and strategic sales plan for winning. [...]

Management Reporting

Board Meetings & Board Management An effective board can mean the difference between an ordinary company and a great one by providing important subject matter expertise as well as deep industry experience. Managing a strong, effective board will inevitably make you a [...]

Ty Flippin

Ty Flippin is a TechCXO Partner in the Revenue Growth Practice. He is an enterprise software, and SaaS sales leader focused on strategic business outcomes. He has led teams across the world, spanning from North America to EMEA and APAC, in executive leadership, direct sales, business development, and pre-sales. He [...]

Outsource Sales Marketing

Outsource Sales and Marketing What are Sales & Marketing outsource options? What is the different between a C-Suite advisor and an interim, part-time or fractional CMO, CRO or CSO? Not every company may need a full-time CMO, CRO or CSO but every [...]

Metrics that Matter Demo Page

Solutions Metrics that Matter Within RevOps, metrics that matter are those that assess the health of your revenue functions and use data to recommend constant improvement Overview What to Expect Impact Insights Our Team [...]

RevOps Process Demo

Solutions Processes and Methodologies RevOps processes automate data collection while discovering new ways to reach and engage target customers. Overview What to Expect Impact Insights Our Team Related Offerings [...]

Messaging Alignment demo

Solutions Messaging Alignment Revops coordinates the various revenue teams in marketing, sales and customer success to align client-facing messaging. Overview What to Expect Impact Insights Our Team Related Offerings [...]

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