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Sales Forecasting and Pipeline Management

The benefits of effective sales pipeline and forecast management include better management reporting, the ability to apply changes in pricing, sales and promotional incentives, review the effectiveness of products, features, markets and pricing, and ultimately, an increase in income.

The sales pipeline provides snapshots of sales representative’s activity. It provides data with regards to achieving quotas. The information generated by the product, region, team etc. will quickly contribute to providing monthly, quarterly, or annual revenue forecasts. The knowledge of when deals close is essential and affects other departments like finance, operations, production, manufacturing and the reporting of management results.

The problem with sales pipelines is that they are: (1) Frequently meaningless; (2) Often out-of-whack with revenue; (3) An argument of last resort, and (4) Almost always misused and misunderstood.

What to Expect


Increase in deal speed or velocity
More accurate insight into revenue and profitability picture
Increase in sales pipeline and forecast health

Client Results

Sample Sales Forecast & Pipeline Management Report
sales pipeline forecast graphic

View a real sales pipeline snapshot of where current prospects are in the sales process and in which stages, the number of deals that salespeople expect to close within a certain designated time period (week, month, quarter, year), and where representatives stand in relation to sales quotas.

See how TechCXO helps sales pipeline and forecast management deliver accountability to track and manage each sales opportunity through defined stages.


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