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Project Manager vs. Program Manager

If you’re looking to complete a project from conception through delivery, then you’ll need a Project Manager. If you need to start or improve an existing set of projects or processes, a Program Manager is an ideal fit.

Many companies actually need both Project Management and Program Management skills, but there are distinct differences between these two positions.

Project Manager

A Project Manager will focus on deliverables, dollars and deadlines while setting timeframes, tracking milestones and reporting on progress with a specific start and end. Other attributes include:

  • Focuses on content
  • Managers a single or several projects
  • Tactile for overall success
  • Maintains scopes, schedules and deliverables
  • Monthly and daily company value
  • Maximizes budget and completes projects

Project Manager Responsibilities

Project Managers use principles and procedures to lead projects from conception through delivery of an outcome such as an application, event, product or service. This can include defining the project goals, intake and management of requirements, handling the breakdown and scheduling of tasks, creating the budget along with cost management, assigning and tracking project resources and communicating the project status against milestones.

  • Project scoping, scheduling and approvals

  • Resource management
  • Budget management
  • Risk management

  • Status reporting to team members and stakeholders

Program Manager

Program Manager knows the importance of maintaining and sustaining value for clients and their outcomes while often supporting long term strategic initiatives.

  • Focuses on context then content
  • Manages several projects or programs
  • Strategic for overall success
  • Maintains relationships and strategic changes
  • Yearly and quarterly stakeholder value
  • Maximizes ROI and adds value for program

Program Manager Responsibilities

The role of the Program Manager varies depending on the organization. Some organizations emphasize the business aspects of the role. Others focus on IT or technology and highlight specific technical and project management qualifications. Program managers lead the end-to-end charge of the cross-functional program, from shaping the approach to delivery of the desired outcomes. Often reporting into an Enterprise PMO or Strategic Planning Office, Program Managers hold responsibilities for managing strategic initiatives that span departments and business units.

  • Prioritizing and funding initiatives

  • Defining a cross-organizational roadmap
  • Ensuring resource capacity and availability
  • Managing interdependencies between projects
  • Ensuring that program-level goals are achieved

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