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Customer Outreach

Customer Outreach Have you reached out to a customer lately? I began interviewing a client's customers yesterday for a fractional CMO engagement. What a reminder of how valuable...

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Outsourced CFO

Outsourced CFO Guide

Companies have increasingly delayed hiring a full-time CFO until they faced a significant financial triggering event. However, with rapidly changing business models and dynamics,...

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Raising Capital eBook

Raising Capital Guide

Accessing capital from third parties can be mysterious to many technology companies. Our goal is to remove the mystery with a step-by-step guide to raising money for your bus...

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Negotiating price M&A

Negotiating Price

When it comes to negotiating a price in mergers and acquisitions, there are, of course, two very different perspectives: those of the buyers and those of the sellers. The buye...

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Catabasis Client Case Study

Catabasis is a pharmaceutical and drug discovery platform.  It had initially funded the company through a round of convertible debt but needed a financing plan, an infrastructur...

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Carvana Acquires TechCXO Client Car360 for $22M

TechCXO has been providing full accounting and finance department support to our client, Car360, including the CFO and Controller functions, led by TechCXO Managing Partner Kent ...

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best audit

Best Audit Ever Guide for Startups

Audits may not be sexy but a smooth annual audit shows your board, lenders and auditors that you have your financial processes and systems in place, which builds confidence.Prese...

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Peter Biro

Peter Biro – Why choose TechCXO?

Why would an accomplished entrepreneur, CFO, Stanford MBA with an engineering degree from Duke choose the TechCXO on-demand executive model for his career? We asked him (Peter Bi...

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Financial Sanity TechCXO CFO

A Guide to Financial Sanity – CFO to the Rescue

You recently launched your company after years of planning and wondering if you could actually do it. You’ve maxed out your credit cards and hit up your friends and family for ...

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Social Enterprises

Paul Sansone, TechCXO partner and former CFO of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and Better World Books, is an expert in social enterprises and B Corps. Paul also serves as a ...

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CFOs Sales

Should CFOs Should Advise Sales?

Should CFOs Advise Sales? Yes, we did say it: most companies should have the CFO - if they are experienced and strategically-capable -- advise the Head of Sales. Here are four r...

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optimize profits

Managing Cash and Optimizing Profits – Math Behind Growth

If you think your CFO's contribution to increased profitability is only from cutting costs, think again -- you may be looking past your biggest pro-growth asset. A New Attitude:...

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best audit

Your Best Audit Ever

BEST AUDIT EVER: FOUR GUIDELINES TechCXO partners are fond of saying credible numbers lead to credible management. Audits may not be sexy but a smooth annual audit shows your...

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