Celebrating TechCXO’s
Female Leaders

Nicole Siokis TechCXO

Nicole Siokis – COO

I started my career in the US Army, clearly a male-dominated profession, where I often found myself to be one of very few women in the room. With women making up less than 20% of our armed forces, it was never lost on me that there were trailblazers who had come before me, who fought hard so that I, too, could serve my country. Since leaving the military, I have been fortunate to be surrounded by strong, smart women who lifted each other up and who reached out a hand to help other women climb the ladder alongside them. These women I know push boundaries, speak up and speak out. They have a valiant spirit that all of us should pass on to future generations of young, professional women.

Maria Goldsholl – Managing Partner CHRO

For me, the most rewarding opportunities were unplanned opportunities that I was curious about. Sometimes those opportunities weren’t a straight lineup, nor were they in my “plan.” In some cases, I took a step back in pay, industry, or title to get experience in something I was interested in or out of necessity. So while it is great to have a plan and work that plan, my advice is to stay open and curious to things outside of your plan because they may end up being better than anything you could have imagined. Get comfortable with risk and have confidence that you will make any new experience work. See your career as non-linear or a series of squiggly lines that gets you exposure and breath to learn and grow. I would also say to be trustworthy and give generously when you can without expecting anything in return. I am a big believer in career Karma.

Maria Goldsholl TechCXO

Rose Lee – Managing Partner – CMO, CCO

Being a woman in the technology industry can be challenging at times, as it is a male-dominated field with certain stereotypes and biases that can create barriers to entry and career advancement. At times, it is necessary to consistently work smarter and harder to achieve my goals. With the support of mentors, allies, and advocates, women can overcome obstacles and succeed in the technology industry, paving the way for future generations of women to follow in our footsteps.

Karen Reynolds – CFO

At one point in my business career, I had a female peer challenge me to get out of my comfort zone. That push taught me not to limit myself, and it allowed me to gain confidence through new experiences. Let’s continue to provide a “push” to the female professionals in our lives to get out of their comfort zone and do the unexpected – their future achievements will be limitless.

Jessica Young – COO

During the formative decades of my career, I witnessed a significant era of progress for women in leadership. Opportunities, culture, and professional norms have all undergone significant shifts, and as we celebrate “history” months and days, it is important to reflect on that past but also raise our gaze to the future. Personally, I find inspiration in speaking with young women who are just starting their academic and professional journeys. They are entering a world that we could only imagine thirty years ago, equipped with a diverse set of tools, language, and resources we did not always have. So, when they lift their gaze to tomorrow, I pay attention: it fills me with hope to glimpse the workplace they are imagining today that my daughter will one day join and it’s an honor to help them build it.

Amanda Donnelly – CMO

While marketing tends to skew female, I’ve worked in male-dominated spaces my entire career. I’ve had the experience of being quite literally the only woman in the room more times than I can count. Fortunately, the dynamic continues to shift, but access to resources as basic as encouraging girls to explore math, science, and technology is still a challenge in many communities. This is why I focus many of my engagements on female and minority-owned businesses. Knowing that access to resources is one of the biggest barriers to entry within these groups, offering my services and guidance as someone who has “been there” for female founders is core to my personal and professional values. We have to lift each other up to thrive.
Amanda Donnelly TechCXO
Katie Reilly TechCXO

Katie Reilly – CPO

Being a woman in technology can be tough at times. I encourage young professionals to lean on (and learn from) the amazing women who have paved successful career paths before us! I am a strong supporter of mentorship programs. I truly value the impact my first mentor had on my career, and I cherish opportunities to coach and mentor others just getting started as a way to pay it forward. Mentorship helps break down barriers and women in business are an unstoppable force!

Kerri Anthony – CHRO

Throughout my 20+ year career, I have been given the gift of working with truly incredible female leaders and mentors (you know who you are). They’ve profoundly shaped how I work and how I live, and I am forever grateful for their guidance. It’s always a good time to reflect on those people in our lives who’ve inspired change, broken barriers, and invested in other women. But Women’s History Month is perhaps an ideal moment to remind ourselves to make time to nourish relationships with other women, to invest in them, to encourage and inspire them, and to lift them up. We are in this together and we can do amazing things when we support each other.

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