4 “Ps” Ripe for Fractional Engagements

TechCXO specializes in providing fractional executives for a variety of positions. Our on-demand executive model is typically 50-75% more cost and time-effective than a full-time, in-house function. But not every company needs a fractional or interim CEO, COO, CTO or CFO.

In addition to the C-Suite, there are 4 other areas that would benefit greatly from expert assistance but not necessarily require a full-time employee. I mentioned in my last blog about the need for intentional processes.

As it happens, these 4 areas also start with the letter “P”:

• Project
• Program
• Product
• Portfolio

Project Work

The logical first opportunity is with project work. According to the PMBOK® Guide from the Project Management Institute the definition of a project is “a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique project service or result.” Projects are temporary and close down on the completion of the work they were chartered to deliver.

When your company hires a project manager, you are banking on the fact that the role will be needed indefinitely. What if the project is short term? What if you don’t need to hire a full time PM? TechCXO provides qualified, experienced partners and project managers to scale your efforts up and down as needed. We can help you with all phases of a project, from definition through implementation.

Program Work

A program is more extensive than a project in that it is more concerned with benefits rather than tasks. Programs can span multiple business units or disciplines. They can be comprised of multiple projects. Even if you have project managers on staff, often they do not have the level of experience necessary to juggle a more complex program. Even if experienced they may not have the available bandwidth to dedicate. This risks program success. TechCXO provides partners and staff with the level of expertise needed to design, implement and manage more involved programs.

Product Work

The third area is product. You already have product managers on staff. Are they delivering according to best practices? Are your products late, buggy or worse, canceled? An experienced third party can help you look objectively at any product problems and recommend a solution. TechCXO provides both technical and business-level product assistance via its skilled partners.

Portfolio Work

Lastly, an often-overlooked area is portfolio. As program is to project, portfolio is to product. As your company grows and you build or acquire multiple products things get more complex. You need to balance spend, manage renewals and run the portfolio as a business. Are you growing your portfolio as you should? You need to be better than your competitors. TechCXO provides a seasoned and independent voice to help you turn on, turn up and turn around any portfolio issues.

The final benefit – TechCXO can do this all on a fractional or project basis. We can get started immediately, without the risk and complexity of hiring a full time employee or independent contractor. All at a considerable cost savings.

Ready to learn more? I’d love to talk with you about your potential needs. I can tailor a project to fit your project, program, product or portfolio requirements.

Mark Lukianchuk is a transformational global technology executive with a proven record of innovation and execution in the Software, Payments and FinTech spaces. He can be reached at (404) 777-4774 and mark.lukianchuk@techcxo.com