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Sales Channels Development

We work with clients to develop a sales channel plan and execute with specific time-to-market revenue objectives for each partner channel. We identify the gaps in the current channel plan, and then execute a go-forward plan to meet the overall goals

We work with companies at all stages of channel development, helping them create and execute the best channel strategy possible for their organizations, and improve their vendor/partner relationships.

We listen, add value, and act like one of the team to deliver exceptional results every time. We provide experienced channel executives that are ready to help lead and teach your organization how to develop, implement, and manage effective partner programs and channel teams focused on driving incremental revenue, partner capabilities, and partner loyalty.

What to Expect


Reduced customer acquisition costs
Increased conversion rate
Increase in leads & upsell/cross-sell opportunities

Client Results

Channel Partner Health Check

The Channel Program Health Check is designed to evaluate your current program and refine it for improving sales velocity from funnel to revenue results and ROI. We focus with you on Route-to-Market and Time-to-Revenue Planning.

The Health Check delivers a gap analysis report, including findings review. You can diagnose your channel with industry experts and industry best practices, identify your high impact areas of improvement, and leave with a prioritized action plan for success.

  • Clearly define, understand, and drive best practices for partnering.
  • Improve sales velocity to produce funnel and revenue results and ROI.
  • Pinpoint partnership problem areas and overcome them.
  • Measure and scorecard the leading indicators to revenue and utilize MDF programs to amplify results.
  • Build a powerful joint proposition to articulate 1+1>2.
  • Align vendor and partner teams and drive corporate messages at the field level
  • Build trusted relationships between vendor and partner sales teams.
  • Understand, build, and apply joint value propositions that are greater than each company individually.

Our Team

Andy Shober
Andy ShoberPartner
Bert Harkins
Bert HarkinsPartner; Interim / Fractional CSO, CRO
Brad Milner
Brad MilnerManaging Partner
David Cahn
David CahnPartner; Interim & Fractional CMO
David Wallace
David WallacePartner; Interim / Fractional CSO, CRO
Jeff Lundal
Jeff LundalPartner; Interim / Fractional CRO, CSO, CCO
Rich Makover
Rich MakoverPartner - Revenue Growth; Interim / Fractional CRO, CSO
Rick Nichols
Rick NicholsManaging Partner, Revenue Growth
Matt Oess
Matt OessPartner

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